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The Winners and Recommended Short List for the 2018 Gaylactic Spectrum Awards in the Best Novel category were announced at Chessiecon 2018 in November 2018.

A handout listing the winner, short list recommendations, ISBN numbers, publishers, and a short writeup of each winner/short list item for the Best Novel category is available here.

2018 Best Novel - Winner and Recommended Short List

2018 Best Novel - Other Nominees List
2018 Best Short Fiction
2018 Best Other Work

2018 Best Novel Winner & Short List

Passing Strange - Ellen Klages (Tor.com)

The Adventure of the Incognita Countess - Cynthia Ward (Aqueduct Press)
Amberlough - Lara Elena Donnelly (Tor Books)
The Black Tides of Heaven - JY Yang (Tor.com)
The Cult of Ocasta - Mark Allan Gunnells (Evil Jester Press)
An Excess Male - Maggie Shen King (Harper Voyager)
Hexslayer - Jordan L. Hawk (JLH Publishing)
The Rules and Regulations for Mediating Myths & Magic - F.T. Lukens (Duet Imprint / Interlude Press)
Tremontaine, Season 1 - created by Ellen Kushner; Ellen Kushner et al (Serial Box / Saga Press)
An Unkindness of Ghosts - Rivers Solomon (Akashic Books)


2018 Best Novel Other Nominees

Best Novel consideration is given to individual novel length works by a single author/authorial team. Works must have been originally published in North America in 2017 to be eligible unless an exception is granted by the judging team.

The following titles were reviewed to validate their eligibility for award consideration and were considered by the judging team. Appearance on this list is not an indication of quality or quantity of GLBT or genre content, however many of the titles in the list of other nominations contain significant positive LGBTQ+ content and would be of interest to readers.

Amatka by Karin Tidbeck (Vintage)
Autonomous: A Novel by Annalee Newitz (Tor Books)
Avalon Knight: Gentleman's Club by N.T. Herrgott (CreateSpace Independent)
The Bone Mother by David Demchuk (ChiZine Publications)
The Brightest Fell by Seanan McGuire (DAW Books)
Christopher Wild by Kathe Koja (Roadswell Editions)
Creatures of Will & Temper by Molly Tanzer (Mariner Books)
Devils Glen by Matthew Speak (Kindle Press)
Draakenwood by Jordan L. Hawk (JLH Publishing)
The Edge of the Abyss by Emily Skrutskie (Flux)
Extraction by B R Sanders (The Kraken Collective)
Forever Konrad: A Vampire's Vampire by Martin Goodman (PS Publishing)
The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee (Harper Collins)
In Other Lands by Sarah Rees Brennan (Small Beer Press)
Invisible Soft Return:\ by Roberta Degnore (CreateSpace Independent)
New Praetorians 1 – Sienna McKnight by R. K. Syrus (Yuan Kun Publishing)
The Prey of Gods by Nicky Drayden (Harper Voyager)
Recombinant Love by K'Anne Meinel (Shadoe Publishing)
Seven Surrenders by Ada Palmer (Tor Books)
Skythane by J. Scott Coatsworth (Dreamspinner Press)
Summerwode by J Tullos Hennig (DSP Publications)
Surrogate by Jeanne G'Fellers (Supposed Crimes)
Tyack & Frayne #7: Preacher, Prophet, Beast by Harper Fox (FoxTales)
Tyack & Frayne #8: Underhill by Harper Fox (FoxTales)
Undertow by Jordan L. Hawk (JLH Publishing)
The Will to Battle by Ada Palmer (Tor Books)

2018 Best Short Fiction Nominees

The Best Short Fiction category, recognizing individual shorter length works by a single author/authorial team, is being rolled over to the 2019 Awards cycle.

2018 Best Other Work Nominees

The Best Other Work category, recognizing any works that do not fit into the Novel and Short Fiction categories (this includes but is not limited to anthologies, graphic novels, comics, games, and movies/television shows), is being rolled over to the 2019 Awards cycle.