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The Winners of the 2008 Gaylactic Spectrum Awards were announced at Gaylaxicon 2008 in Washington DC on October 11th, 2008, along with a Short List of Recommended Works in each category. Following are the Winner, Short List Works, and Other Nominees for each category for the 2008 Gaylactic Spectrum Awards.

A handout listing the winners, short list recommendations, ISBN numbers, publishers, and a short writeup of each winner/short list item is available here.

2008 Best Novel - Winner & Short List
2008 Best Short Fiction - Winners & Short List
2008 Best Other Work - Winners & Short List
2008 Best Novel - Other Nominees
2008 Best Short Fiction - Other Nominees
2008 Best Other Work - Other Nominees

2008 Best Novel Winner & Short List

Wicked Gentlemen - Ginn Hale (Blind Eye Books)

Daughters of the North - Sarah Hall (Harper Perennial)
Dust - Elizabeth Bear (Bantam Spectra)
Ha'Penny - Jo Walton (Tor)
Hero - Perry Moore (Hyperion)
Hex: A Novel of Love Spells - Darieck Scott (Carroll & Graf)
Ink - Hal Duncan (Del Rey)
Lady Knight - L-J Baker (Bold Strokes Books)
New Amsterdam - Elizabeth Bear (Subterranean)
Spaceman Blues: A Love Song - Brian Francis Slattery (Tor)
Vintage - Steve Berman (Lethe Press)
Whiskey & Water: A Novel of the Promethean Age - Elizabeth Bear (Roc)


2008 Best Short Fiction Winners & Short List

Ever So Much More than Twenty - Joshua Lewis (So Fey - Lethe Press)

A Bird of Ice - Craig Gidney (So Fey - Lethe Press)
Bittersweet - Steve Berman (Endicott Studio Summer Issue)
Charming: A Tale of True Love - Cassandra Clare and Ruby DeBrazier (So Fey - Lethe Press)
The Coat of Stars - Holly Black (So Fey - Lethe Press)
Dancing on the Head of a Pin - Kiernan Kelly (Torquere)
Dividing The Sustain - James Patrick Kelly (New Space Opera - Eos)
The Healing - Leigh Ellwood (Phaze)
Medusa's Touch - Catherine Lundoff (Crave:Tales of Lust, Love and Longing - Lethe Press)
Prime Suspect - KS Augustin (Total-E-Bound)
The Reflection of Love - Julia Talbot (Alleys and Doorways - Torquere)
Side Effects - M. Decker (Alleys and Doorways - Torquere)
The Steel Anniversary - Valerie Z. Lewis (Alleys and Doorways - Torquere)
Were - JoSelle Vanderhooft (Alleys and Doorways - Torquere)


2008 Best Other Work Short List

52 - comic - by Greg Rucka, Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, Geoff Johns et al - (DC Comics)
Alleys and Doorways - anthology - edited by Meredith Schwartz (Torquere)
Battlestar Galactica: Razor - television - by Ronald D Moore, Michael Taylor et al (Universal/Sci-Fi Channel)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 - comic - by Joss Whedon et al (Dark Horse)
So Fey: Queer Fairy Fiction - anthology - edited by Steve Berman (Lethe Press)
Socket - film - by Sean Abley et al (Dark Blue Films/Velvet Candy)
Stardust - film - by Jane Goldman & Matthew Vaughn based on novel by Neil Gaiman & Charles Vess (Paramount Pictures)
Torchwood: Captain Jack Harkness - television - by Catherine Tregenna, Russell T davies, et al (BBC Wales)
Y: The Last Man - comic - by Brian K Vaughan and Pia Guerra (Vertigo/DC Comics)


2008 Best Novel Other Nominees

The Ardennian Boy by William Maltese & Wayne Gunn (MLR Press)
Blood Engines by T.A. Pratt (Bantam Spectra)
The Book of Dave by Will Self (Bloomsbury USA)
Brasyl by Ian McDonald (Pyr)
A Companion to Wolves by Sarah Monette & Elizabeth Bear (Tor)
The Crown of Valencia by Catherine Friend (Bold Strokes Books)
Cry Melusine by James Buchanan (Phaze)
Cursed by Rhianne Aile (Dreamspinner Press)
The Danger Dance by Caro Soles (Haworth Press)
The Devil In Amber by Mark Gatiss (Scribner)
The Dust of Wonderland by Lee Thomas (Alyson Books)
Dynasty of Rogues by Jane Fletcher (Bold Strokes Books)
Every Dark Desire by Fiona Zedde (Kensington Publishing)
Face of the Enemy by Sandra Barret (Regal Crest Enterprises)
The H-Bomb Girl by Stephen Baxter (Faber and Faber)
Harvest of Changelings by Warren Rochelle (Golden Gryphon Press)
IM by Rick R. Reed (Regal Crest Enterprises)
In the Blood by Rick R. Reed (Regal Crest Enterprises)
Legend of the Autumn Wind by Michael Barnette (Mojocastle)
Lord Carabas by James Buchanan (Phaze)
The Lost Temple of Karttikeya by Laura Baumbach (Loose ID)
A Marriage of Insects by Bard Bloom (Padwolf Press)
The Mirador by Sarah Monette (Ace)
My Sun and Stars by L.E Bryce (Phaze)
One For Sorrow by Christopher Barzak (Bantam)
Parallel Process by Barbara Sheridan & Anne Cain (Loose ID)
Queens of Tristaine by Cate Culpepper (Bold Strokes Books)
Rebel's Quest by Gun Brooke (Bold Strokes Books)
Soul Mates: Deceptions by Jourdan Lane (Torquere)
The Spanish Pearl by Catherine Friend (Bold Strokes Books)
To Be Chosen by Michael Travis Jasper (Wheatmark)
Undertow by J.M. Snyder (Aspen Mountain Press)
The Very Bloody Marys by M Christian (Haworth)
War Torn by J.M. Snyder (Amber Quill Press)
Water Logic by Laurie Marks (Small Beer Press)
When You Were Me by Robert Rodi (Kensington Publishing)
World Without Winter by Steve Pierce (P D Publishing)

2008 Best Short Fiction Other Nominees

Attracting Opposites by Carl Frick
     - from anthology "So Fey" (Haworth)
Becoming by L.E Bryce
     - (Phaze)
Behind the Beard by Yeva Wiest
     - from anthology "Phaze Fantasies III" (Phaze)
The Bridge by Connie Wilkins
     - from anthology "Best Fantastic Erotica" (Circlet)
Cedar by Ann Stocce
     - from anthology "Alleys and Doorways" (Torquere)
Dark Collection by Luisa Prieto
     - from anthology "So Fey" (Haworth)
The Dark Man by Sapphire Phelan
     - from anthology "Forbidden Love: Sacred Bands" (Under the Moon)
Detox by Elspeth Potter
     - from anthology "So Fey" (Haworth)
Devotion by Jade Falconer
     - from anthology "Phaze Fantasies III" (Phaze)
Dominion by Mychael Black & Shayne Carmichael
     - (Phaze)
Dragon's Fate by Eliza Gayle
     - from anthology "Phaze Fantasies III" (Phaze)
Everlasting by Rose Fox
     - from anthology "Alleys and Doorways" (Torquere)
Exiles by Sean Meriwether
     - from anthology "So Fey" (Haworth)
The Faerie Cony-Catcher by Delia Sherman
     - from anthology "So Fey" (Haworth)
A Faun's Tale by Tom Cardamone
     - from anthology "So Fey" (Haworth)
The Fireman's Fairy by Sandra McDonald
     - from "Realms of Fantasy" December 2007 (Realms of Fantasy)
For Love or Family by Kyell Gold
     - from collection "The Prisoner's Release" (Sofawolf)
From Asphalt to Emeralds and Moonlight by Aynjel Kaye
     - from anthology "So Fey" (Haworth)
Here There Be Tygers by Stephen M. Wilson
     - (Sideshow Press)
Home Again by Kyell Gold
     - from collection "The Prisoner's Release" (Sofawolf)
How Laura Left a Rotten Apple and Came Not to Regret the Cold of the Yukon by Lynne Jamneck
     - from anthology "So Fey" (Haworth)
How the Ocean Loved Margie by Laurie Marks
     - from anthology "So Fey" (Haworth)
Inside The Cage by Kyell Gold
     - from collection "The Prisoner's Release" (Sofawolf)
Isis In Darkness by Chris Barzak
     - from anthology "So Fey" (Haworth)
Ki'iri by L.E Bryce
     - (Phaze)
The Kings of Oak and Holly by Kenneth D Woods
     - from anthology "So Fey" (Haworth)
Leader of the Pack by Catherine Lundoff
     - from collection "Crave:Tales of Lust, Love and Longing" (Lethe)
Lost by Sarah A. Hoyt
     - from Chronicle 10/2005 (carried over from 2007)
Lost by Wendy Barnum
     - from anthology "Alleys and Doorways" (Torquere)
Lost Among the Tuna Trees by Shawn MacKenzie
     - from anthology "Southshire Pepper-pot" (Lion's Mark Press)
The Love Potion by Abbie Strehlow
     - from anthology "Alleys and Doorways" (Torquere)
Mask by James Buchanan
     - from anthology "Phaze Fantasies III" (Phaze)
Mr. Grimm's Faery Tale by Eric Andrews-Katz
     - from anthology "So Fey" (Haworth)
Mr. Seeley by Melissa Scott
     - from anthology "So Fey" (Haworth)
Persistence of Memory by J.M. Snyder
     - (Amber Quill Press)
Picture Perfect by Sean Michael
     - from anthology "Alleys and Doorways" (Torquere)
The Powers of Love by J.M. Snyder
     - (Amber Quill Press)
The Radiation Angels: Not One Word by James Daniel Ross
     - from anthology "Breach the Hull" (Marietta)
The Red Jungle by James Buchanan
     - from anthology "Men in Uniform II" (Torquere)
Redemption by James Buchanan
     - (Torquere)
Satyr-Day Night Fever by Kiernan Kelly
     - (Torquere)
A Scent of Roses by Catherine Lundoff
     - from anthology "So Fey" (Haworth)
Somewhere Beneath Those Waves Was Her Home by Sarah Monette
     - from anthology "Fantasy Sampler" (Prime)
The Spirit of Giving by Cat Kane
     - (Phaze)
Star-Crossed by J.M. Snyder
     - (Ruthie's Club)
Sugar by Cat Rambo
     - from anthology "Fantasy Sampler" (Prime)
Thought and Memory by Alette J. Willis
     - from anthology "Edge SciFi and Fantasy" (carried over from 2007)
Time Bikers by Carol McKenzie
     - (Forbidden Publications)
The Token by Elspeth Potter
     - from anthology "Alleys and Doorways" (Torquere)
Touch by M. Kate Havas
     - from anthology "So Fey" (Haworth)
The Truth of Skin and Ink by B. A. Tortuga
     - from anthology "Alleys and Doorways" (Torquere)
Under a Confederate Moon by J.M. Snyder
     - (Amber Quill Press)
Underneath by A. J. Grant
     - from anthology "Alleys and Doorways" (Torquere)
Waiting for Dimi by Kiernan Kelly
     - (Torquere)
The Wand's Boy by Richard Bowes
     - from anthology "So Fey" (Haworth)
The Woman in the Window by Jameson Currier
     - from All Hallows, The Journal of the Ghost Story Society, Issue #42, Spring 2007
World Enough and Time by J.M. Snyder
     - (Torquere)
Year of the Fox by Eugie Foster
     - from anthology "So Fey" (Haworth)

2008 Best Other Work Other Nominees

Best Fantastic Erotica
     edited by Cecilia Tan
     (Anthology) (Circlet)
Forbidden Love: Sacred Bands
     edited by Terri Pray
     (Anthology) (Under the Moon)
Iphigenie en Tauride
     by Robert Gluck, Lucas Carsen, Paul Groves Meachem
     (Opera) (Lyric Opera of Chicago)
A Nice Girl Like You
     by Tyree Campbell
     (Collection) (Bedazzled Ink Publishing)
Phaze Fantasies, Vol. III
     (Anthology) (Phaze)
The Prisoner's Release and Other Stories
     by Kyell Gold
     (Collection) (Sofawolf Press)