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1999 Best Novel Winners & Finalists
1999 Best Other Work Winners & Finalists
1999 Hall of Fame Winners & Finalists
1999 People's Choice Winner
1999 All Works Receiving Nominations

1999 Best Novel Finalists & Winners

Awarded to the best science fiction, fantasy or horror novel originally released during 1998.

Accidental Creatures by Anne Harris (Tor)
Dark Water's Embrace by Stephen Leigh (AvonEos)
Halfway Human by Carolyn Ives Gilman (AvonEos)
Maximum Light by Nancy Kress (Tor)
The Painter Knight by Fiona Patton (DAW)

WINNER (tie): Accidental Creatures by Anne Harris
WINNER (tie): Dark Water's Embrace by Stephen Leigh

1999 Best Other Work Finalists & Winners

The best science fiction, fantasy or horror work released in any other medium during 1998. This includes short stories, comic books, movies, television episodes, multimedia, gaming products, artwork, music or other.

Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction edited by Nicola Griffith and Stephen Pagel (Overlook)
Gods and Monsters directed by Bill Condon (Lions Gate Entertainment)
Things Invisible to See edited by Lawrence Schimel (Ultra Violet)

WINNER: Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction by Nicola Griffith, Stephen Pagel

1999 Hall of Fame Finalists & Winners

Any single science fiction, fantasy or horror work in any format released prior to 1998.

China Mountain Zhang by Maureen McHugh (Tor)
Drag Queen of Elfland by Lawrence Schimel (Ultra Violet)
Secret Matter by Toby Johnson (Peregrine Ventures)
Shadow Man by Melissa Scott (Tor)
Uranian Worlds edited by Lyn Paleo and Eric Garber (G.K. Hall)

WINNER (tie): Uranian Worlds by Eric Garber, Lyn Paleo
WINNER (tie): China Mountain Zhang by Maureen F McHugh

1999 People's Choice Winner

Given to the work in any of the other categories which received the highest number of nominations from members of The Gaylactic Network for the 1999 Awards.

WINNER: Shadow Man by Melissa Scott

1999 Complete List of Nominees

A listing of all works receiving nominations during the 1999 award nominations period who were not named as finalists.

Best Novel

253 by Geoff Ryman
An Arrow's Flight by Mark Merlis
The Blue Place by Nicola Griffith
Conjuring the Flesh by Brandon Fox
Desmond by Ulysses Dietz
Dragon's Winter by Elizabeth Lynn
Galilee by Clive Barker
Masque by F. Paul Wilson and Matthew J. Costello
Mission Child by Maureen McHugh
Shimmer by Sarah Schulman
The Shimsara by Jan Whiteley

Best Other Work

Don't Ask, Don't Tell by Chris Jones (T'hy'da 20)
The Flying Game by Peter David (Supergirl #26)
So Many Miles to the Heart of a Child by Richard Bowes (Fantasy and Science Fiction, April 1998)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Chimera
The Summer Isles by Ian Macleod (Asimov's, Oct/Nov 1998)
Whiptail by Robert Reed (Asimov's, Oct/Nov 1998)

Hall of Fame

The Arm of the Starfish by Madeline L'Engle
Blood Books (Series)by Tanya Huff
Break Thou My Sanctuary by Janet Alix (Daring Attempt 2)
The Child Garden by Geoff Ryman
Darkover (Series) by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Dhalgren by Samuel Delany
The Dispossessed by Ursula K LeGuin
Dreamships by Melissa Scott
The Female Man by Joanna Russ
Larque on the Wing by Nancy Springer
Last Herald Mage (Series) by Mercedes Lackey
The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K LeGuin
The Merro Tree by Katie Waitman
The Nature of Smoke by Anne Harris
The Nightrunner (Series) by Lynn Flewelling
Sacrament by Clive Barker
Steel Beach by John Varley
Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner
The Tale of the Five (Series) by Diane Duane
Twilight Zone: Eye of the Beholder
Walking Wounded by Robert Devereaux
Wraethu (Series) by Storm Constantine